This page's purpose is to tell you anything you could possibly need to know about the wiki. There will be a list of questions and you can ask another question simply by putting a comment in.

Is there a specific way I should edit?

Yes. When editing, be sure to make sure you follow the guidelines set out by this page.

How can I learn to become a really good editor?

You can read some of the editing tutorials from Wikia on this page

How can I become an admin?

Every one of our admins needs to be an active member that has a least 1,000+ edits. Also, they need to be good at editing as well. Look to the other admins as an example.

Did 2006Scape itself make this wiki?

No, we actually are not run by 2006Scape at all. Just a group of fans. :)

Can I make templates?

Yes, but if they are bad we are going to delete them from the pages they are being used in. We won't delete the template itself in case you want to continue working on it.

Ask any other Questions you have below!

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