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Agility is a skill that, when levelled, makes your Energy decrease slower and enables you to use shortcuts. This effect will only happen if you are a high-level in Agility. Agility can be leveled by running an Agility Course. An Agility Course is a set course of obstacles that you must overcome. Most of the time, failure to overcome these obstacles will result in your player taking damage, so it's advised to bring Foodi if you plan to train your agility.

Agility level Up Sound.
Agility Level Up

Agility CoursesEdit

The best, and almost always used, way to train Agility is by going through agility courses.

Course level.

Brimhaven Agility Arena

Level 1*

The Three Gnome Stronghold Agility Course

Level 1

The Agility Pyramid Level 30
The Barbarian Outpost Course Level 35
The Ape Atoll Course Level 48
The Wilderness Course Level 52
The Werewolves' Course Level 60

**Level 40 Agility is required to use all the obstacles in the Arena.

Brimhaven Agility ArenaEdit

This Arena is located in Brimhaven, in Cap'n Izzy Beard's hut. Here you can train agility while collecting tickets on flashing platforms that can be exchanged into Izzy for xp and other rewards. The experience gained here often varies wildly due to the random nature of the Arena.

Agility arena pics

The Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility CourseEdit

This course is located north west of Ardougne in the Gnome Stronghold. Here is a simple course that is great for beginners of the skill.

Total xp per round: 86.5xp

Barbarian Outpost CourseEdit

Located north of Seers' Village. Before you can enter, you need to do the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl.

Total xp per round: 139.5xp

The Agility PyramidEdit

Located northeast of Sophanem, in the middle of the Kharidian Desert . You have to scale a booby-trapped pyramid to reach the golden pyramid, an item you can sell to the archaeologist for 1,000 gold on completion of the lap.

Total xp per round: 1014xp plus 1000gp

Ape Atoll CourseEdit

In the far off lands of Ape Atoll you can train agility. There are many different methods of getting to Ape Atoll. One of the mos common methods of travelling to this distant zone is using the "Ape Atoll" teleport after the completion of Freeing King Awowogei in Recipe for Disaster . Other methods are catching the Golder from Tree Gnome Stronghold , then using the boat to get to Ape Atoll. While training Agility in this zone, make sure to keep your Gregree on to stay in monkey form otherwise the guards around the island will become agressive to you.

Total xp per round: 540xp

Wilderness courseEdit

This course is found in level 52 wilderness , just north of the lava maze . Be cautious as Player Killers might be lurking around as you make your way to the course, so it's best advised not to bring anything valuable.

Total xp per round: 571.5xp

Werewolves' CourseEdit

Agility wolf pics
Located in Morytania , you will require not only 60 agility, but also have finished the quest Creature of Frakenstrain, and be wearing a Ring of Charos.

Total xp per round: 540 (or 750xp after a 2 minute game of Gnome ball on the side of the lap)


level Name Location
5 Crumbling Wall Falador West
10 Rope Swing Karamja West
12 Stepping Stones Brimhaven Dungeon
15 Monkey Bars Edgeville Dungeon
16 Underwall Tunnel Varrock
20 Log Balance Coal Trucks
21 Underwall Tunnel Varrock
22 Pipe Squeeze Brimhaven Dungeon
26 Underwall Tunnel Falador South
29 Fence Squeeze Lumbridge Cemetery
30 Stepping Stones Brimhaven Dungeon
31 Steeping Stones Draynor Manor
33 Log Balance Ardougne
34 Pipe Squeeze Brimhaven Dungeon
37 Rock Climb Gnome Stronghold
38 Cliffside Scramble Al-Kharid
41 cliffside Scramble-easy Trollheim
42 Narrow Crevice Dwarvern Mine
43 Cliffside Scramble-medium Trollheim
44 Cliffeside Scramble-hard Trollheim
45 Long Balance Elven Lands (north)
46 Narrow Walkway Lost City
47 Cliffside Scramble-hard Trollheim
48 Log Balance Fremmenick Province
51 Pipe Squeeze Edgeville-Varrock Dungeons
58 Weathered Wall Port Phasmatys
59 Cliffside Scrambe Elven Lands
61 Spiked Chain Climb Slayer Tower
62 Narrow Crevice Slayer Tower
64 Climb Wilderness Route to Trollheim
65 Ornate Railing Temple on the Salve
66 Narrow Walkway- advanced Lost City
68 Cliffside Scramble-medium Elven Lands
70 Pipe Squeeze The Member's Dungeon
71 Spiked Chain Climb Slayer Tower
80 Spiked Blades Jump

Member's Dungeon

81 Spiked Blades Jump Slayer Tower
85 Cliff Scramble-advanced Elven Lands

Agility trainingEdit

Suggested equipment:Edit

  • Boots of lightness.
  • Some good, cheap food such as: Cake (which can be eaten in thirds).
  • Money, as courses such as Brimhaven that require an entry fee.
  • A Ring of Charos, for the Werewolves' Course.
  • Any other Light Equipment.

The idea with choosing lightweight equipment is to reduce your character's weight, the lighter they are the more likely they will gain faster xp rates and fail less often.

Levels 1-40Edit

A good way to begin Agility is to start with the Tree Gnome Stronghold Agility course and train there until level 35 when you could train at the Barbarian outpost. However it is strongly recomended you train to level 40 and then go to this course as you are less likely to fail.

Levels 40-52Edit

Train at the Barbarian Outpost until you achieve level 52 Agility.

Level 40+Edit

For a break from hardout skilling you could have some fun at the Brimhaven Agiity course, or a game of Gnome ball.

Level 52-99Edit

  1. Now you can go into the Wilderness Agility Course in level 52 wilderness. You could train here all the way to 99 as it is believed to be the best xp in the game or you could opt for another at level 60.
  2. The werewolves' Course at level 60 has exactly the same xp rate aat the wilderness course however there is not risk on pker, but requires the use of more food. This fact my slow you xp rate per hour down as you might have to make more trips to the bank.

Agility boostsEdit

Summer pies or an Agility potion will boost your levels 3-5 levels higher than your own. This is useful for quests that require high agility levels.

Image Item Level increase Information
Summer pie Summer pie +5 Made with 95 Cooking or bought
Agility potion Agility potion +3 Made with 34 Herblore

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