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Ardougne (pronounced arr-doyn) is a City within the area of Kandarin. This city has two banks, at the North and South of the city. It is a common spot for thieving, as there are various training methods available.


A map of East & West Ardougne


The marketplace in central Ardougne has a lot of methods of training thieving available. There are 8 stalls to steal from including but not limited to:

However within the marketplace lies various Guards and Knights of Ardougne which will be aggressive to you if you're caught stealing from the stalls. These NPC's can also be pickpocketed, but may attack you when provoked.


Although a very useful city, Ardougne can be hard to get too for any level as it has limited methods.

Magic TeleportationEdit

The main method of transport would be teleportation. The Teleport to Ardougne spell can be found on the standard spellbook and requires a level of 51 Magic, completion of the quest Plague City, as well as 2 Law Runes and 2 Water Runes. When activated, the spell teleports you to Ardougne and yields 61 Magic experience.

Spirit TreesEdit

Another method for transportation would be using the Spirit Tree system to teleport from one of the spirit tree locations to the Tree Gnome Village spirit tree. You can then walk from the maze to Ardougne, which is only a short walk. Between the village and Ardougne lies the Khazard Battlefield.

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