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Attack is a melee combat skill which determines the accuracy of a player's melee attacks and the types of


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weapons a player may wield. The higher the Attack level, the fewer misses a player will incur during melee combat. As Attack is a vital skill in melee combat, increasing one's Attack level will increase one's combat level as well.

Players may receive Attack experience during combat, and the amount of experience gained is dependent on the combat style being used. Attack experience is the only one awarded when fighting in the accurate or controlled stances.

When fighting in the accurate stance, 0.6 * X Attack experience is awarded per hit, where X is the amount of damage dealt. Fighting using the controlled stance, however, awards 0.4995 * X Attack experience per hit, where X is the amount of damage dealt. For example, a player who hits a 1 would receive 6 Attack experience when fighting in the accurate stance and 4.9335 Attack experience when fighting in the controlled stance. The amount of experience received when fighting in the controlled stance may be calculated in the same way that experience awarded to the Hitpoints skill is calculated.

The difference between these two stances is that the accurate stance solely provides experience for the Attack and Hitpoints skills. However, the controlled stance distributes experience among Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints evenly. A player who hits a 1 would receive 4.995 experience in each one of those skills. Additionally, fighting using the accurate stance provides a hidden boost of +3 to the Attack skill while using the controlled stance only provides a boost of +1.

Attack Level Up Sound.
Attack Level Up Sound

Common Weapon TypesEdit

Image Weapon Type Attack Level
Bronze scimitar Bronze equipment 1
Iron scimitar Iron equipment 1
Steel scimitar

Steel equipment

Black scimitar Black equipment 10
White scimitar White equipment 10
Mithril scimitar Mithril equipment 20
Adamant scimitar Adamant equipment 30
20090728135146!Rune scimitar old Rune equipment 40
GraniteMaul Granite Maul 50
TokTz-Xil-Ak Obsidian equipment 60
Dragon scimitar Dragon equipment 60
Dharoks axe Barrows equipment 70
Abyssalwhip Abyssal Whip 70