Player bank

A player's bank.

A Bank is a building where you can deposit or withdraw items to and from your bank account. There are many banks scattered around Gielinor, most of them in large cities. Banks can hold up to 250 different items while the max stack of any item is 2,147,000,000.

Banks can be found by looking on the map, or minimap for this signBank icon which means that this building is a bank. The Bank in Varrock is a popular trading area.


20090130174140!Bank deposit

a player using a bank deposit box.

Deposit boxEdit

In all banks there is a deposit box which enables you to quickly put items for your inventory into you bank however you cannot withdraw items and have to go to the main bank reception for that.


Main Article: Banker

Bankers are NPCs that great you when you ask to open you bank account they are able to give you a bank pin number and reset it if need be.

Bank boothEdit

You can access the main bank window here by either left clicking and getting a chat option with a banker who can help you or you can right click and have the option of selecing 3 options, 1 to talk to the banker, 2 to access your bank quickly or 3 examine the booth.

Bank windowEdit



This button will note items you withdraw for the bank if they can be noted. Stackable tems such as runes and arrows cannot be noted.


This button will withdraw items without noting them.



You can deposit an item by right clicking over it after opening the bank window and you will have the options of storing more than one.


You can withdraw an item from your bank by right clicking on the item and selecting an option.

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