The Barbarian Outpost is a fenced stronghold which comprises two sections. The first, "outer" section requires the completion of the Bar Crawl miniquest to access. The outer section houses nine Barbarians, good for low-level training and Clue scroll drops, and several chickens. The second, "inner" section may be accessed by climbing through a pipe requiring level 35 agility, found in the first, outer section. The inner section is an Agility course that has both a basic route and an advanced route. The basic route gives 139.5 agility experience per lap and requires 35 agility to use.

Access to the outer section is a requirement of the Scorpion Catcher quest, and access to the inner section is a requirement of the Horror from the Deep quest.


The Barbarian Outpost is located north-west of Baxtorian Falls and north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Recommendations for Agility TrainingEdit


  • Food, most obstacles have the ability to deal damage. However, players with high enough agility will not fail any obstacles.
  • Energy potions to run all the time. However, players with high enough agility will not run out of run energy.


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