Barbarian Village

Release Date

2 January 2001

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# of banks?




The Barbarian Village is a village located west of Varrock, and south of Edgeville. This village has many uses for skillers and low-level combatants.
  • Theres a 'lure' fishing area on the east side of the village which requires 20 fishing to begin using.
  • There are a variety of ores in the center of the village, but mostly coal and tin.
  • There is a spinning wheel in the lower right hut and a bronze pickaxe avaliable to be picken up.
The Barbarian Village is located to the West of Varrock, and the North East of Falador. The Barbarian Village includes a helmet shop owned by Peksa, that sells both Med, and Full helmets from Bronze to Adamant.
Location on World Map
Falador Barbarian Village Cooks Guild
Draynor Manor

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