Metal Bars are created by smelting ores in a Furnace using the Smithing skill. Bars are a key part of the smithing skill as they are used to create various different objects like armour, weapons and tools at an anvil using a hammer. Some bars such as Blurite and Elemental can only be made using special ore only available during certain quests.

Types of barsEdit

Here is a list of what you need to smelt the bars:

Normal barsEdit

Image Type Ore needed Level needed Experience Acquired
Bronze Bronze 1 Copper ore and 1 Tin ore 1 6.2
Blurite Blurite 1 Blurite ore 8 8
Iron bar Iron 1 Iron ore* 15 12.5
Elemental Elemental 1 Elemental ore and 4 Coal 20 7.5
Silver Silver 1 Silver ore 20 13.7
Steel Steel 1 Iron ore and 2 Coal 30 17.5
Gold Gold 1 Gold ore 40 22.5 / 56.2
Mithril Mithril 1 Mithril ore and 4 Coal 50 30
Adamant Adamant 1 Adamantite ore and 6 Coal 70 37.5
Runite Runite 1 Runite ore and 8 Coal 85 50
  • Iron Ore has a 50% chance of being successfully smelted in to a bar. This is changed to 100% if the smelter is wearing a Ring of Forging although this has limited use.

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