It's that magical time of year when Santa comes by to spread presents. In our case, the RS2006 team will be bringing out some great features this month! For December, we will be working on getting the game closer to release by continuing working on skills. We expect to have all skills complete this month (including Combat). Firemaking and Thieving are the two latest skills to have been complete, so keep an eye out for a video of each! Mod Patrick has also finished Woodcutting, Mining, and part of Agility.

This month you can also look out for some new features to be added, including polls, and offense center, and a message center (possibly more). We have been working on bugs on the website, and plan to have them all fixed ASAP.

To keep up-to-date with the recent updates, read the post on the forums, for the most asked questions, read the Frequently Asked Questions post on the forums.

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RS2006 Development

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