Black Dragon
Black Dragon

Combat Level




Experience for killing

760 XP. 253 HP XP.

Slayer Level


Slayer XP


Assigned by






Immune to poison?


Attack Style

Melee, Dragonfire


Melee = 21 Dragonfire = 50+


Stab, Ranged

Always Drops

Dragon bones and Black dragonhide

Examine Text

A fierce dragon with black scales!

Black dragons are powerful monsters that can breath fire on a player, dealing very high damage. Like all other adult dragons an anti-dragon shield and/or an antifire potion is highly recommended when fighting them as it can reduce the maximum hit of their breath from about 50+ to around 5. They are level 227 in 2006Scape. They are not as popular as the weaker blue dragons and green dragons, but their drops of black dragonhides and dragon bones makes them worthwhile to kill.

If one gets black dragons as a slayer task and doesn't want to kill them, baby black dragons or the King Black Dragon can be killed instead. It is advised to bring many prayer potions and antifire potions as well as good food like Monkfish or Sharks

Players must kill a Black dragon during the Freeing Sir Amik Varze part of Recipe for Disaster

Locations Edit

  • Lava Maze dungeon - Levels 42-43 Wilderness.


Item Quantity Rarity
Bones Dragon bones 1


Black dragonhide 1 Always
Mithril Axe 1 Uncommon
Adamant javelins 30 Uncommon
Adamant darts 16 Common
Mithril 2h sword 1 Uncommon
Mithril battleaxe 1 Uncommon
Rune Knife 2 Uncommon
Rune darts 10 Uncommon
Rune longsword 1 Rare
Rune battleaxe 1 Very rare
Rune 2h sword 1 Very rare
 Mithril Kiteshield 1 Uncommon
Rune sq shield 1 Rare
Adamant platebody 1 Uncommon
Air runes 1 Uncommon
Fire runes 1 Uncommon
Chaos runes 1 Uncommon
Blood runes 1 Uncommon
Law runes 1 Uncommon
Nature rune 1 Uncommon
Death runes 1 Uncommon
Adamant bar


1 Uncommon

Steel bar  

1 (Very rare)
Coins 129-3000 Common
Chocolate cake 1 Uncommon
Clue scroll (hard) 1 Very rare

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