This page is for the quest. For the location check out this: Black Knights' Fortress

Black Knight's Fortress
Release Date Projectrs06 None
Quest Series None
Difficulty Medium
Length long
The Black Knights are up to no good. You are hired by the White Knights to spy on them and uncover their evil scheme.


Black knights fortress

map of path to Black Knight's hideout.

Start Point: Falador castle talk to Sir Amik Varze.
Requirements: 13 Quest points
Items Required: 1 Bronze med helm, 1 cabbage, 1 iron chainbody.
Enemies to defeat: Level 33 black knight.


Start this quest by talking to Sir Amik Varze in Falador castle. go to Falador castle, when you are enter the yard, walk west and get up the stairs, walk up the other stairs and you will find him in a nearby room.

Talk to him, he will say that the White Knights are under attack by the black knights, which usually isn't a big deal, but the black knights have found a dangerous weapon. You need to sabotage the plans of the black knights, because the black knights are familiar with all the white knights.


Walk to the monastery and pick some cabbages from the cabbage patch. (take multiple in case you accidently eat some).

The PlanEdit

Now walk to the west, to mountain which is where you will find the Fortress. Put on your bronze med helm and your iron chainbody, and go inside.

Once you are inside the house, this is what you need to do: Search for a fake wall to the north, open it and go through, now go up 2 ladders, walk south and go down the first ladder here. walk through the door and go up the ladder, now go down the other ladder you will find here. you are now in a room with an altar, go out of here and go to the balcony. quickly go down the ladder because you will get attacked here. go through the secret hall and listen to the conversation by using the right-click option on the grill you will find here. (if you cant listen to the conversation, check if this quest is marked yellow in your quest journal, if it isn't, you still need to talk to Sir Amik Varze.) 'The people behind the wall need a cabbage from Draynor Manor, but because you are here to sabotage their plans, you give them the cabbage that doesn't come from Draynor.

Go back to the entrance of the fortress, if you are really damaged, you could go to the monks in the monastery and ask them if they can heal you, they'll do this for free

if you are ready, go into the dining room, you will be attack in here aswell, so go up the ladder quickly. keep walking and push the wall. you'll see a hole in this room, throw your cabbage in the hole by right-clicking the cabbage and "use" it on the hole, your plan has succeeded, return to Sir Amik Varze for your reward.



Completing this quest unlocks the following quests:

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