Bronze bar
Bronze bar

Quest Item








High Alch

4 coins

Low Alch

3 coins


It's a bar of bronze.


1 kg

Bronze bars are used for creating bronze armour, or bronze equipment. A bronze bar can be made by using one tin ore and one copper ore on a furnace, or by using the Superheat item spell. Bronze Bars have no level requirement to smelt them, however the items that can be made from the bar require certain levels. Everything except for a Bronze Dagger requires a smithing level of 2 or above to create. Upon smelting the ores into a bar, the player is granted 6.2 Smithing experience. When a bronze bar is used on an anvil, an interface will appear, displaying the various bronze equipment that the player can smith. To Smith the Bronze Bars into an item you must have a Hammer in your inventory. 12.5 experience is gained per bar used when smithing an item.

Price WatchEdit

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