Store Price

2 gp

A bucket is one of the most basic items in 2006Scape. They are mainly used for Cooking, milking cows but can also be used whilee Crafting.

The bucket can be purchased from any General Store and or Farming Shop for 2 GP. They can be obtained from many areas in 2006Scape for free, either from drops from monsters or they can be obtained at respawn points in various locations throughout 2006Scape.

Buckets can be used to store certain items, and they remain once the contents have been used or emptied. They are tradeable, but non stackable. They are also unstackable once they have contents.

Bucket contentsEdit

A bucket can contain any of these items:

It is impossible to make wine in a bucket instead of a jug, upon attempt players will recieve the message: "I'm not going to make wine in that dirty bucket!".

Monster dropsEdit

Monster Combat Level Quantity Rarity
Lanzig 48 1 Common
Borrokar 48 1 Uncommon
Imp 2, 7 1 Uncommon
Skeleton 13, 21, 142 1 Uncommon
Werewolf 88, 93 1 Rare
Yuri 24 1 Rare
Freidir 48 1 Very rare

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