Burgh de Rott

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23rd June 2012



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Burgh de Rott is an old town located in the southern Morytania that serves as the base for the Myreque. It is the main location of the In Aid of the Myreque quest and can only be accessed if you start the quest. Places of interest include the bank, the furnace, the general store, fishing spots, and the bar. The woods to the east of the town are full of Vampyre juveniles, and Vampyre juvinates

Points of Interest Edit

General Store Edit

To use the general store you must repair it first using 6 planks and 24 nails. After repairing it you must stock it with 10 bronze axe, 3 tinderboxes and either 10 Mackerel or 10 Snails.


All of the fishing spots along the coast of Burgh de Rott are net/harpoon fishing spots, where players can catch sharks or any fish caught with a big net. While not as close to a bank as other net/harpoon spots, the ones here are notable for their very close proximity to each other: a player fishing in Burgh de Rott will need to move only one or two spaces if their fishing spot moves or disappears.


Bank must be repaired before it is usable. 5 planks, 1 swamp paste, and 20 nails are required to do so.

The Burgh de Rott bank is the closest bank for Shades of Mort'ton, the Barrows and the Abandoned Mine.


There is a permanent fire in the closest building ruins east of the bank, making for a convenient location for a player to cook freshly caught sharks.


The furnace must be repaired before using. The repair requires 2 steel bars, a tinderbox, a hammer, and 1 coal. The furnace here is fairly close to a bank, although not as close as other furnaces, such the one in Port Phasmatys.

Myreque Hideout Edit

During the In Aid of the Myreque quest, The Myreque move their hideout to an old cellar in a ruined and derelict inn in Burgh De Rott. Several members of the Myreque can then be found here during and after In Aid of the Myreque.

Eastern WoodsEdit

The woods to the east of the town are infested with Vampyre Juveniles and Vampyre Juvinates. The close proximity of the bank in Burgh the Rott effectively makes this the best spot to kill these creatures.

In the top north-east corner of the area is a broken fence which can be crossed to access the Barrows, however the path through Mort'ton is a much shorter and safer route.


The docks used in a future quest, Darkness of Hallowvale, in October 2006, it's past the cut-off date so the docks will serve only for looks and will be of no use.



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