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Death Plateau
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Burthorpe is a town north-west of Falador and north of Taverley, and is currently the base of the Imperial Guard of Asgarnia as well as the residence of Prince Anlaf. The town is members-only.

Burthorpe is one of two areas of Asgarnia that is not controlled by the White knights. (The other is the Black Knights' Fortress, held by the white knights' arch rivals, the Black Knights. Also, the Druids have control over Taverley, but there isn't any formal government there that is known to players, so it's usually counted in with Burthorpe).

Notable FeaturesEdit

  • Burthorpe is also the respawn point of Bob the Jagex Cat, as his pet human is Unferth.
  • There is a mechanism to unlock an equipment room in Burthorpe involved in the Death Plateau Quest.
  • Turael, the lowest ranking slayer master, can be found in the house with the yellow skull icon. He gives the easiest Slayer assignments, and has the usual slayer items for sale. He can also change slayer assignments for you.


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