Note: This page is not finished yet, the calculator doesn't work yet!

template = Template:Combat level calculator
form = jcCoord_Form
result = jcCoord_Result
suggestion = 2
param = data|Enter your Hiscore Data page to get stats||article
param = |||fixed
param = atk|Attack|1|int|1-99
param = str|Strength|1|int|1-99
param = def|Defence|1|int|1-99
param = hitpnts|Hitpoints|10|int|9-99
param = pray|Prayer|1|int|1-99
param = range|Ranged|1|int|1-99
param = mage|Magic|1|int|1-99
param = |||fixed
param = next|Wanted combat level|1|int|1-126
param = relative|Above field relative to current level|Yes|select|Yes,No

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