Quest Item





Yes (dropped)



Store Price

Not sold.



A kitten is a reward for the Gertrude's Cat quest , a kitten is a npc in the quest Gertrude's Cat and can be use as a pet in 2006Scape that follows you once you drop it, you have to feed it, optionally you can play with it or make it chase rats, and will grow into a Cat after a while. Cats like to be fed any type of raw meat such as raw tuna or raw beef . As a cat it will eventually grow into an overgrown cat or lazy cat.

Recipe dave cat anim

The colours of cats include:

  • Black and white
  • White
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Brown and grey
  • White and bluish grey
  • Hell cat (from completing Recipe for Disaster)
Picture Type
Kitten Kitten
Cat Cat
Overgrowncat Overgrown
Lazycat Lazy
Wileycat Wiley
20100924034208!Lazy hellcat inv Hell cat


  1. A cat is the only follower you can have, if you discount followers from quests . It will follow you anywhere, while these followers from quests only follow you a certain distance before disappearing.
  2. On the 7-day spawn event Cats could be spawned and dropped in the first few hours of it's released and you would have a glitched cat following you.

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