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Teleport to Camelot and walk south.

Catherby is a fishing town located south-east of Seer's Village and west of White Wolf Mountain. There are many different fishes able to be caught that are close to the bank: cage, harpoon, net and bait fishing.


Fishermen in Catherby harpooning and caging

It is also a popular town for Woodcutting, as there are many Yew and Willow trees nearby. There is a farming allotment for any level farmer in the north of the town, which is close to a Bank and a farmers' shop. Catherby is also a recommended town to cook food because the bank is probably a 5 second walk from the range.


Cooks at the range by the bank

There are also 2 water sources and an multiple agility Shortcuts to Taverley.

There are a couple of useful shops in Catherby as well. Players usually buy arrowtips and bows from the fletchers' shop, and different fishing tools can be bought in the adjacent fishing shop. There is also a farmer's shop, which sells plant cure, sacks, and other helpful farming equipment.

A candle shop is near the bank. Candles can be bought for 3 gp each. They are primarily used in Merlin's Crystal quest. A general store is also near the bank by the docks. Players can also buy pineapple and seaweed from him, used for making compost and supercompost

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