Chaos rune

Quest Item








High Alch

54 coins.

Low Alch

34 coins.

Store Price

140 coins.


Used for low level missle spells.


0 kg.

Chaos Runes are widely used for their role in being used for the normal spell book's "Bolt" spells, such as Wind Bolt which requires a Magic level of 17. This is the minimal Magic level one can have to use a Chaos Rune. It is also used in the Ancient Magiks Spell Book.

The first Ancient Spell you can use with Chaos Runes is "Smoke Rush" and requires level 50 Magic and two Chaos Runes along with other runes to cast.They are also famous for being required in casting "Crumble Undead" for extreme training experience in Magic.

A player can Runecraft Chaos Runes at level 35 Runecrafting, then double Runecraft them at level 74 Runecrafting. Each Pure Essence used grants 8.5 Runecrafting experience.

Chaos Runes have a few normal spawn locations but they happen to all be in the Wilderness, thier locations are at the Dark Warrior Fortress in level 15 Wilderness, Moss Giants in the northern Wilderness, and the green hill on Red Dragon Isle.

In terms of cost, Chaos Runes usually go for cheap so many use them for training the Magic Skill more often then they would  death runes or blood runes.

There are large amounts of low, medium, and high leveled monsters that drop Chaos Runes.

Price watchEdit

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