Cooked karambwan

Quest Item








High Alch

150 coins

Low Alch

100 coins

Store Price

460 coins


Cooked octopus.


0.5 kg

Cooked karambwan is a food item obtained when a Raw karambwan is cooked thoroughly. Cooking a raw karambwan requires 30 Cooking, granting 190 experience if cooked thoroughly, and not "poorly", which would yield a Poison karambwam. To cook it thoroughly, a player must complete the quest Tai Bwo Wannai Trio and talk to Tiadeche to learn how.

Cooked karambwan can also be bought from Alfonse the Waiter for 460 coins in Brimhaven.

Despite its awkward cooking procedure, it heals 18 hp when eaten.

Eating BugEdit

One thing that makes karambwan unique is a bug that allows the player to eat it and not let it delay their next attack. Therefore, you can "double eat" if timed correctly. If a player eats the cooked karambwan first followed by a shark or any other 1-click food, the player will eat both at once, healing the combined amount. This method can be useful to escape dangerous combat situations such as in PKing or monster killing.

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