Cooking gauntlets
Cooking gauntlets

Quest Item

Yes - Family Crest







High Alch

Not alched

Low Alch

Not alched

Store Price

Not sold


These gauntlets empower with the greater ability to cook fish.



Cooking Gauntlets are a pair of gloves that after completing Family Crest can be used to reduce the chances of burning fish.

They can be gained through taking any of the enchanted gauntlets from the quest to Caleb in Catherby which is free unless you already have an enchanted pair so it will cost you 25,000 coins to change them.

It the gloves are lost on death or dropped they can be reobtained, free, from Dimintheis who is located in south-east Varrock and it will be completely enchanted like before so you don't need to pay another fee to re-enchant them.

Fish Level Without With
Tuna 35 64 63
Lobster 40 74 68
Swordfish 45 86 81
Monkfish 62 92 90
Shark 80 Never 94

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