Crystal Shield
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A nice sturdy crystal shield.



The Crystal Shield is a shield which requires 70 defence and 50 agility to wield, and is obtained by completing the Roving Elves quest.

It is very unlikely this shield, or its associated quests, will be introduced until later stages of development.


A fully charged Crystal Shield is one of the best shields in 2006Scape, with its +80 ranged defence bonus being better than any other shield in the game. Its melee defences are similar to a Dragon Square Shield, albeit slightly better.


Similar to the Crystal Bow, the Crystal Shield is able to take 2500 points of damage before it needs to be recharged.For every 250 points of damage a player takes, the shield's stats will degrade by 2 points each (Meaning while fully charged it will have a ranged defence valued of +80, then after 250 hits it will have a value of +78, etc.. As shown in the following table)

Condition Stab Slash Crush Ranged
new +51 +54 +53 +80
9/10 +49 +52 +51 +78
8/10 +47 +50 +49 +76
7/10 +45 +48 +47 +74
6/10 +43 +46 +45 +72
5/10 +41 +44 +43 +70
4/10 +39 +42 +41 +68
3/10 +37 +40 +39 +66
2/10 +35 +38 +37 +64
1/10 ​ +33 +36 +35 +62


After all 2500 hits are used up, it will revert to a seed. To recharge the Shield, it must be taken to Ilfeen who will turn your seed into either a shield or a bow. The cost to recahrge the shield starts at 750k, and is reduced by 150k each time until it costs only 150k to recharge it.

First recharge 750k
Second recharge 600k
Third recharge 450k
Fourth recharge 300k
Fifth and after 150k


The Crystal Shield can be very useful in a number of situations, but it truly shines anywhere that ranged defence is required. Some useful places to use the shield include The Kalphite Queen, Dagannoth Kings, the Fight Caves, Barrows, and Pking. While the shield may be one of the best in the game, it is not always the best choice because of its high upkeep cost as well as its degrading nature. It is recommended to only use this shield in the most demanding of activities.

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