Mod Darrel

Mod Darrel seen at a cow pen in Lumbridge on June 26, 2012.

Darrel Temp was a community administrator on 2006Scape. Darrel used to manage the forum moderators. After Mod Nick's resignation during mid June, Darrel took over the management of the player moderators as well. Mod Nick has since returned to 2006Scape, which had then put Darrel back in charge of only the forum mods.

Darrel was originally a regular user but was promoted to a forum moderator in November of 2011. He was promoted to community admin and was the first moderator to become admin. Darrel is Scottish, living in Scotland. You can watch a Q&A interview with Mod Darrel below.

On July 25 2012, he was rat'd which then led to him being demoted and his account renamed to "Darrel Temp".


Runelapse Q&A with Mod Darrel13:00

Runelapse Q&A with Mod Darrel

Runelapse Q&A with Mod Darrel

Q&A with Mod Ian and Mod Nick06:49

Q&A with Mod Ian and Mod Nick

Q&A with Ian and Mod Nick


Darrel shows off his fun side.

Darrel temp

Darrel temporarily demoted


External links

rs2006darrel - 2006Scape admin YouTube channel

wtfdarrel - 2006Scape PK-ing account YouTube channel

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