Death rune
Death Rune

Quest Item








High Alch

108 coins.

Low Alch

72 coins.

Store Price

310 coins.


Used for medium level missile spells.


0 kg.

Death Runes are the second highest level combat runes, used in the standard spellbook for blast attacks, which are very strong, and in the ancient magicks spellbook, used in every single combat spell, and by so; consuming the ammount of death runes very fast.

To craft, it you must complete the Mourning's End Part II quest, and you must have a minimum level of 65 in the runecrafting skill. Crafting this rune grants 10 experience per pure essence. Alternatively, you can buy death runes at any magic store, although they may be bought totally by another buyer, since the demand is high. You may also barter for the runes with other players, but it is most likely to be raised in price at the street sells.

There is a spawn of death runes at the Feldip Hills, a little south-west, near the shore and the rocks.

Price watchEdit

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