Start Point: The examiner at the exam centre.
Requirements: 25 Thieving, 10 Agility, 10 Herblore.
Items Required: vial, cup of tea, 2 ropes, uncut opal, Leather gloves, leather boots and charcoal.
Enemies to defeat: None


  1. Talk to one of the Examiner in Examination centre, south of the Digsite area.
  2. Talk to the Curator in the Varrock museum and ask him to sign the unstamped letter you got from stage 1
  3. Go back to the start point and give the recomination to an Examiner. But don't start the Examination yet, you will get all wrong no matter what you awnser. Go north of the building to the big archaeologist area. You will have to ask three students the correct awnser for the examination, each of the three students will want something in return. Don't forget to write down what they awnser!
  4. Animal Skull, Picketpocket a workman in the Dig site
  5. The special cup, you will need a panning tray which can be found in the largest of the two tents. Talk to the Panning guide who will let you pan in the river if you give him a cup of tea. Continue to pan all spots until you find the cup. (continue to pan until you find an opal aswell, needed later in the quest).
  6. The teddy bear, can be found in one of the many bushes between Dig site and exam centre
  7. If you writed down the awnser after they got thier precious item back You can now go back no the Examiner in Exam centre and having your first exam, just awnser what the students told you, you will recieve a level 1 certificate. You will have two more exams, just ask the students the awnsers and go back to the Examiner two times more. The female student will ask you for an opal in the last examination.
  8. Go back to the Dig site to get some items
  9. Specimen jar, search some sacks
  10. Picketpocket a workman until you get a trowel, some ropes and specimen brush, note it can take some time
  11. When you have the items go to any of the level 3 field, you can see what level 1-3 the field is by examine the signpost close to each field.
  12. Use the trowel on the soil until you find an Ancient Talisman (note a normal trowel does not work)
  13. Bring the Ancient Talisman to the Archaeologist expert in the exam centre, he will now allow you enter the northern winch by giving you an invitation. Show it to any of the workmen.

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