Easter Bunny
Easter Bunny




Third event-South of Falador Fourth event-Underground tunnel inside of a hole south of Falador.

Sells items?


Quest requirement?



Third event-female Fourth event-male


Cute and friendly.

The Easter Bunny is a non-player character who will only have temporary appearances in 2006Scape. She/He will only be seen in the last two Easter events where players will be able to obtain a rubber chicken and Easter ring.

Easter Bunny's first Easter eventEdit

The Easter Bunny was a female in this event. She appeared south of Falador near the air altar for runecrafting. Players will be rewarded with a rubber chicken upon completing the event by giving out all of the eggs that were given by the Bunny.

Easter Bunny's last Easter eventEdit

The Easter Bunny was a male in this event. He appeared in an underground tunnel that begins south of Falador. Upon the completion of this event, you were given an Easter ring.

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