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June 23, 2012

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Amulet of glory

Edgeville is a small town found south of the wilderness. It is used to bank when Player Killing, woodcutting, smithing, Edgeville Dungeon and runecrafting (Abyss). The town contains a small variety of NPCs, such as men and women in the building north of the bank, bankers, the guard's posts, and Oziach, who sells the Rune platebody and the Green d'hide Body.

1. Bank : This is the Edgeville Bank. It is most often used by the people who use the Wilderness.


2. General Store : Here you can sell and buy items. It is like any other general stores, but this one often has less player sold items because it isn't a major city.


3. Oziach : You have to talk to this person during the Dragon Slayer quest, and once you have finished it he sells Rune platebody's and Green Dragonhide body's at the following prices:


4. Yew Trees : The trees here are favored by woodcutters, as they are fairly close to the bank, and does not require much time to get from there and back. You need level 60 woodcutting to cut them down. There are also a few nettle plants here, which you need gloves on to pick, and without gloves you will be injured upon picking them.


5. Edgeville Dungeon : This is the entrance to Edgeville Dungeon. Down there you can find several NPCs such as giants, a slayer master and the Underground Wilderness.


6. Edgeville Barn : This barn has many hay stacks in it. This house is the spawn point for the men in Edgeville.


7. Edgeville's Small Jail : An iron mace respawns here, as well as four guards.


8. Well : There is a well present in the middle of town, and can be used as a water source. It is also used in the Garden of Tranquillity Quest.


9. Evil Dave's Mother's House : This is a small house with two beds and a few crates. It is also used as the house for Evil Dave for when you start Evil Dave's part of Recipe for Disaster.


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