Emotes are actions your character can preform by selecting any of the actions in the emote bar. Emotes are for entertainment and sometimes for quests and clues scrolls. They generally do not give any bonuses.

There are basic bulit-in emotes which you start off with and as you progress in the game through unlocking them in quests, or random events you can come to use the other emotes.

You can not do any more than one emote at once.

Basic emotes:Edit

  • yes</li>
  • no</li>
  • bow</li>
  • anger</li>
  • think</li>
  • wave</li>
  • shrug</li>
  • cheer</li>
  • beckon</li>
  • laugh</li>
  • jump for joy</li>
  • yawn</li>
  • dance</li>
  • jig</li>
  • twirl</li>
  • headbang</li>
  • cry</li>
  • blow a kiss</li>
  • panic</li>
  • raspberry</li>
  • salute</li>

    Emotes recieved from the quest lost tribe:

    • Goblin bow
    • Goblin salute

    Random events:


  • glass box</li>
  • glass wall</li>
  • climb rope</li>
  • lean</li>

    Grave digger:

  • zombie walk</li>
  • zombie dance</li>

    Holiday events:

  • scared</li>
  • bunny-hop</li>
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