Ernest the Chicken
Release Date Projectrs06 None
Quest Series None
Difficulty medium
Length long

Veronica is worried about her fiancee. He went into the spooky mansion to ask for directions, and has yet to return.


Start Point: Veronica outside Draynor Manor
Requirements: None
Items Required: None
Enemies to defeat: None


After you start the quest by speaking to Veronica and she tells you her love is missing inside the manor, you agree to go find him.

Climb up all the sets of stairs until you find a professor. Talk to him and find out that Ernest , Veronica's fiancee, has been turned into a chicken . The professor then tells you that he can change him back, but he's missing several items to fix his machine. You need to locate a pressure gauge , a rubber tube , and an oil can .

Pressure gaugeEdit

First you'll need to get fish food and poison . You'll find the fish food on the second floor of the manor. The poison is found on the first floor of the manor, in a room near the back. Once you've acquired these 2 items, exit the manor via the door on the east side of the manor.

Locate the fountain that is outside the manor. Walk up to the fountain, and use the fish food with the poison. Poisoned fish food will be created. Use the poisoned fish food on the fountain, killing all the piranhas. You should then be able to reach into the fountain and pick up the pressure gauge.

Rubber tubeEdit

Go back into the manor, and head towards the exit. Pick up the spade that is near the exit. Exit the manor and head over to the compost mound, located on the west side. Use your spade on the mound and you will receive a key.

Go back into the manor and use the key on the door behind the stairs. A skeleton will be there, but just grab the rubber tube and run away. You don't have to kill the skeleton.

Oil canEdit

Enter the hidden room on the most western side of the manor, on the ground floor. You can access the room by clicking on the bookshelf. Use the ladder to go into the basement.

  1. Pull lever A, pull lever B
  2. Enter door 1
  3. Pull lever D
  4. Enter door 2, enter door 3
  5. Pull lever A, pull lever B
  6. Enter door 3, enter door 4, enter door 5
  7. Pull lever E, pull lever F
  8. Enter door 6, enter door 7
  9. Pull lever C
  10. Enter door 7, enter door 6
  11. Pull lever E
  12. Enter door 6, enter door 8, enter door 3.
  13. Open door 9. Grab the oil can and then leave the basement.

To exit the hidden room, pull the lever.


Take all the items back up to the professor. He will fix the machine and turn Ernest back into a human. Talk to Ernest to complete the quest.


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