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Fishing is a skill that allows a player to catch fish. Fishing is a very useful skill when used in conjunction with Cooking, as cooking the fish allows it to be eaten and restore Hitpoints lost during combat.

Fishing Level Up
Fishing Level Up Sound.

Basic toolsEdit

Fishing smallnet


When beginning fishing, a net will be an important item to have. On Tutorial Island, players are given a small fishing net to catch some Shrimps and cook it on a fire. Small fishing nets can be used on fishing spots in areas such as Catherby and Draynor Village.


Fishing flyfish

At level 5, players will be able to fish Sardines in the sea. This requires the player to buy a Fishing rod and some Fishing bait from a fishing shop or another player. At level 10 fishing players can catch Herring using the same fishing method, and at level 25 catch Pike by baiting in a river.

Fly Fishing/LuringEdit

At level 20 you can go fly fishing! What you require is a Fly fishing rod and some Feathers which can be bought from shops, players or gathered from drops of chickens. Here you will fish Trout however by 30 you will have a change of catching Salmon as well.


Fishing harpoon

Here with a Harpoon and at level 35 you can fish Tuna in the sea. Tuna is a cheap, low-level healing fish when cooked that is good for Combat.

At level 50 you can fish swordfish along with Tuna, this can be cooked and sold for profit, or saved up in your bank.


Fishing cage

You will need a Lobster pot and level 40 fishing before you can seek out this fishing method to fish lobsters. Lobsters are a very popular food choice for all combaters everywhere!

Fishing LocationsEdit

Main article: Fishing locations

Fishing guild

Fishing GuildEdit

The Fishing Guild can be accessed at Level 68 Fishing. Players can get there by teleporting to Ardougne and walking north from the city center along the main path, where it can easily be seen on the left.

This area contains:

  • A fishing shop with basic supplies such as tools and fishing equipment.
  • A very close bank.
  • Equipment spawns.
  • A range to cook food.
  • Multiple fishing spots.



Catherby can be reached by teleporting to Camelot and then walking south-east.

This area contains:

  • A range in one of the houses.
  • A bank next to the house with the range.
  • A fishing shop.
  • Multiple fishing spots.


This area contains:

  • A nearby bank.
  • Trees nearby to cut logs and make a fire to cook fish.
  • Low leveled fishing spawns.


This area contains:

  • A bank.
  • Fishing spots for low level fishers and medium leveled fishers.
  • Trees for making fires to cook fish.

Random EventsEdit

As with all skills, fishing can cause a random event to occur while training. Here is a list of the possible events that can appear:

  1. River trolls
  2. Big fish
  3. Whirlpools


Picture Name Level xp Tool Location
Rawshrimp Raw Shrimp 1 10 Small fishing net Any sea
Rawkarambwanji Raw Karambwanji 5 10 Small fishing net Karamja
Rawsardine Raw Sardine 5 20 Fishing rod + Fishing bait Any sea
Rawherring Raw Herring 10 30 Fishing rod

+ Fishing bait

Any sea
Rawanchovies Raw Anchovies 15 40 Small fishing net Any sea
Rawmackerel Raw Mackerel 16 20 Big fishing net Fishing Guild
Oyster Oyster 16 10 Big fishing net Fishing Guild
Casket Casket 16 20 Big fishing net Fishing Guild, Catherby
Seaweed Seaweed 16 1 Big fishing net Fishing Guild
Rawtrout Raw Trout 20 50 Fly fishing rod + Feathers Any River
Rawcod Raw Cod 23 45 Big fishing net Fishing Guild
Rawpike Raw Pike 25 60 Fishing rod

+ Fishing bait

Any River
Rawslimeyeel Slimy Eel 28 65 Fishing rod

+ Fishing bait

Any Swamp
Rawsalmon Raw Salmon 30 70 Fly fishing rod + Feathers Any River
Frog spawn Frog Spawn 33 75 Small fishing net Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Rawtuna Raw Tuna 35 80 Harpoon Any sea
Cave eel Raw Cave Eel 38 80 Fishing rod

+ Fishing bait

Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Rawlobster Raw Lobster 40 90 Lobster pot Any sea
Rawbass Raw Bass 46 100 Big fishing net Fishing Guild
Rawswordfish Raw Swordfish 50 100 Harpoon Catherby, Fishing Guild
Rawlavaeel Raw Lava Eel 53 60 Oily fishing rod + Fishing bait Taverley Dungeon
Rawmonkfish Raw Monkfish 62 120 Small fishing net Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Rawkarambwan Raw Karambwan 65 105 Karambwan Vessel Karamja
Rawshark Raw Shark 76 110 Harpoon Catherby, Fishing Guild
Rawseaturtle Raw Sea Turtle 79 38 Fishing Trawler North of Yanille
Rawmantaray Raw Manta Ray 81 46 Fishing Trawler North of Yanille

Quest Rewards for FishingEdit

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