The fishing guild, found near Hemenster.

The Fishing Guild is located north of East Ardougne, west of Hemenster. Only players with a Fishing level of 68 may enter. Temporary boosts can be used to enter the Guild, however. Fishing potions and Fish pies give +3 level boosts and can both be used to enter at level 65. Using an Admiral pie, a player can enter at as low as 63 Fishing. It should still be noted that if a player logs out while under the influence of a temporary boost they will be teleported back outside the Guild. Therefore, it is recommended that players bring a stat-boosting item in their inventory if they plan on logging out while in the Guild with a Fishing level lower than 68.

The Fishing Guild is one of the most popular places to fish because of its close proximity to a bank and fishing store, along with a range if one needs to cook their fish, but the Cooking Guild is probably a better choice for those wishing to train their Cooking skill.

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