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The Fremennik Province is a territory controlled by the Fremennik and the Barbarians. There are also islands north and west of the province, which are considered to be a part of it. This place is used mostly as a training area as there is a large amount of Rock Crabs on the shores to train on.



The Fremennik Province is noted for being almost entirely ruled solely by one group of people, the Fremennik. Over the years, groups of Fremennik have left the main settlement in Rellekka and created many settlements. The exception to this is the "outerlanders", as they are called by the Fremennik.

The only other significant race that has managed to survive within the Fremennik Province are the dwarves, who have lived in the province for nearly as long as the Fremennik.

There are several other races that have made their homes in the Fremennik Province, but they are few, and their settlements are very small. The trolls, for instance, live partially in the area, and wage war against the Fremennik at every opportunity. Many sea animals have settled themselves in and around the province. Like Rock crabs and Dagannoths




Fremennik QuestsEdit

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