Fun weapons are items that are equipped in the weapon slot and were not meant to be used for combat. They are favored by skillers due to the fact that they give negative attack bonuses.

Item Obtained Note
Purple flowers Flowers They are obtained from mithril seeds which are a reward after completing the Waterfall Quest. Mithril seeds can also be bought at the Legends guild after completing Legends Quest. These are perfect for skillers because they don't have any requirements to weild or obtain.

Mouse toy Mouse Toy

It is obtained after the completion of A Tail of Two Cats quest.

Rubber chickenRubber Chicken

It is obtained during one of the Easter events in 2006Scape. These are favored for the ability to whack people anywhere without actually attacking anyone.
Scythe Scythe It is obtained during one of the Halloween events in 2006Scape.
Trollweiss Trollweiss It can be obtained during the Troll Romance quest.

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