Goblin Diplomacy
Release Date Projectrs06 None
Quest Series Yes
Difficulty Easy
Length Short


Start Point: Goblin Generals in Goblin Village.
Requirements: None
Items Required: Blue dye, Red dye, Yellow dye, 50 coins, 3 goblin mail.
Enemies to defeat: None


Head to Goblin Village north of Falador and talk to either of the two Goblin Generals who are arguing back and forth about various armour colours. You suggest them letting you choose the colour such could be orange which they both seem to agree.

Colouring MailsEdit

Since Goblins only drop normal coloured mail you will need to ask Aggie in Draynor village to help you make the colourful dyes, 3 in fact.


Dyes however can also easily be bought from other players to save heaps of time.

Mix these dyes to make orange dye and then use it on a Goblin mail to create an orange one. Then give this to either of the generals.


They do not seem to like this to use blue dye on another and give them that. Still they are not happy with either so you are lost.

Search a crate in a house in the west part of Goblin Village and you will discover a Brown Goblin mail, take this and give it to the Generals.

They both agree for once and now have a colour mail they can be happy with.


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