Goblin Village is the main settlement of goblins in Asgarnia. The Goblin Village is ruled by two generals, General Bentnoze and General Wartface, the Goblins fight each other because of their armour colour being the "wrong colour".

Points of InterestEdit


In terms of resources, Goblin Village is a bit on the empty side. The resource it does have, though, are the masses of goblins that roam about the village. They are decent training for when you are just starting out on your journey as an adventurer.

There is a bucket spawn in the main building, as well as an everlasting fire in the centre of the village.



Quests started in Goblin Village:

  • Goblin Diplomacy: The quest can be started by speaking to either General Bentnoze or General Wartface in the hut at the northern end of the village.

Quests involved in Goblin Village:


Goblin (level-5)
Location on World Map
Heroes' Guild Goblin Village Black Knight's Fortress

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