Green leather full

A player wearing a full green dragonhide set

A green dragonhide set is the weakest available dragonhide set. It requires a level of 40 range to equip and also 40 defence for the chestpiece. The chestpiece also requires the Dragon Slayer quest in order to be equipped. Players with 57 or greater Crafting may craft the armor using Green dragonleather .

The green d'hide set is composed of:

Green leather vambraces Green d'hide vambraces

Green leather chaps Green d'hide chaps

Green leather body Green d'hide body

Players can create this armour by using the crafting skill by using a total of 6 green dragon leather pieces with a needle and thread. Green d'hide bodies can also be bought from Oziach in Edgeville after completing the Dragon slayer quest for 7,800 coins.

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