High Alchemy
High alchemy

Level required

55 magic


1 Nature rune, 5 fire runes.



Base experience


High Level Alchemy is a spell unlocked at level 55 in the Standard Spellbook. It requires 1 nature rune, and 5 fire runes per cast.

It is used to convert any tradeable (and some non-tradeable) items into gold, giving considerably more than its lower, level 21 spell Low Level Alchemy.

It gives 65 experience per cast, and so is a very popular method of training magic, and another bonus of it, is that it doesn't give any hitpoints experience, making it even more suitable for pure accounts.

Often, a fire staff is used to reduce the cost of its use.

A popular item to alch is a Maple longbow (u) as it is a common item from the Fletching skill and gives reasonable amount of gold.

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