Keldagrim, underground city accessible from the tunnel entrance east of Rellekka. Keldagrim is one of the largest dungeons in 2006Scape. Keldagrim is considered a good place for players to train Thieving, Mining, and Smithing.

Keldagrim holds the famous Blast Furnace There are often people in the city doing activities such as thieving, buying and selling items in the bank, and, of course, operating the Blast Furnace.


Keldagrim is divided in two halves by the River Kelda. The west side is considered the wealthy, upper-class side, where glistening high-rises and orderly streets are a common sight. The west side houses the headquarters of the Dwarven Black Guard, where the dwarven police force rule from.


There is one bank in Keldagrim. It is located on the west side of the river. Its close proximity to an anvil makes it an excellent place to smith, rivalling areas such as Varrock and Yanille.

The Keldagrim bank is most often used by players that are Thieving, Smithing, brewing (see Cooking), or Mining in the city. People using Fletching or casting High Level Alchemy also come here often, as it is very quiet.

Players that complete the Between a Rock... quest have access to the Arzinian Mine south of the city itself. Inside can be found approximately 146 gold rocks, and a nearby dwarven ferryman will take the gold to the bank for a few gold ores. A full load costs five gold ores, but if a player has an activated Ring of Charos, it will cost only three gold ore. When used properly, this is one of greatest gold mines in the game.

In the south-west mine outside of the city are several types of ore which can be mined. These include 5 coal, 2 copper, 4 iron, 1 gold, and 5 tin rocks. The north-east mine on the fringes of the city includes 9 coal rocks.



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