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The Kharidian Desert is an expansive region located south of the nations of Misthalin and Morytania. The desert becomes a dangerous region south of the Shantay Pass, requiring a player to drink from Waterskins or other sources of water to avoid dehydration. Failing to drink will cause the player to lose Hitpoints.

The Kharidian Desert is largely open land. Here the scorching desert winds blast the sand, turning the dunes into a sea. The blazing sun watches tirelessly from the sky, slowly draining the life of all that walks beneath it. The vultures circle overhead, eating the corpses of those that the desert bested, and packs of starving wolves search endlessly for prey, their hunger never sated. Many have entered the desert, never to return.


Kharidian desert is roughly separated into three regions - the Northern, Middle and Southern parts. The River Elid also divides the middle and southern regions into eastern and western parts.

Northern RegionEdit

Also called Al Kharid Desert. This place is the safest of the three and also the only part open to non-members. It is politically independent from the southern parts of the desert, with the centre being Al-Kharid. The northernmost part of Al Kharid Desert has a mine with a wide variety of rocks. It also has the Duel Arena, Mage Training Arena and ends with the Shantay Pass on the southern edge.

Middle RegionEdit

Shantay Pass divides the northern and middle region where players can buy supplies to venture further into the desert. The middle region of the desert is more dangerous than the northern one due to many monsters who are aggressive to low-level players. However the most notable danger in this region is the desert heat effect which is absent only in a few settlements. Kharidian Cacti grow in this region, which can be cut with a knife to refill waterskins. The middle part of this region of desert contains the Kalphite Lair, Desert Mining Camp, Bedabin Camp, ruins of Uzer, and on the southern border there lies the Bandit camp and Pollnivneach.

Southern RegionEdit

The transition between the middle and southern regions, especially in the eastern part is smooth. Pollnivneach, the Bandit camp and a mountain range approximately divide the middle and southern regions. River Elid is full of level 63 crocodiles. . The most important landmarks in the southern part include Nardah, the twin cities of Menaphos (inaccessible) and Sophanem, several pyramids, and a mining quarry.



There are four major cities in the desert. The player does not need to drink water in most cities.

Other locations include:

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