Lobster pot

Quest Item

Yes, Dragon Slayer







High Alch

12 coins

Low Alch

8 coins

Store Price

20 coins


Useful for catching lobsters.

A Lobster pot can be used at level 40 Fishing to catch Lobsters in Cage/Harpoon fishing spots by selecting the "Cage fishing spot" option. They can be bought from:

They can also be obtained as a drop from Dagganoths or from a spawn in the Fishing Guild.

Lobster pots are used in the Dragon Slayer quest as an item the oracle tells players to use for opening the door leading to the chest of Thalzar, which contains 1 of 3 map pieces needed to continue.

Common Lobster fishing spots include Catherby, Karamja and the Fishing Guild.

Fishing cage

A player using a Lobster pot to catch Lobsters.

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