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18 October 2004

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Morytania is a kingdom that is east of Varrock, it is ruled by the vampire race. To gain access you must complete the Priest in Peril quest to get access to Morytania.

Cities and places of interestEdit

  • Canifis is a village inhabited by dangerous and hungry werewolves. This village contains a bank and several stores. Attacking the citizens in this town will turn them into level 88 werewolves. A Wolfbane dagger, obtained in Priest in Peril prevents them from turning into werewolves.
  • The Slayer Tower is a large tower north-west of Canifis. This tower contains monsters used for slayer assignments.
  • Mort Myre Swamp is a very large swamp south of Canifis. Players need to complete the Nature Spirit quest to access this area. Mort Myre contains aggressive giant snails and an enormous number of Ghasts. Ghasts will rot your food when they attack you, or, if you have no food in inventory, they will damage you. A druid pouch from Nature spirit will make them visible and attackable.
  • Port Phasmatys is a cursed port town on the north-east coast of Morytania, Phasmatys is inhabited almost entirely by ghosts, who charge a toll of 2 Ectotokens for those desiring entry. The town has a Bank and a Furnace close together, which attracts player smelting ores for Smithing.
  • The Ectofuntus is a temple just north of Port Phasmatys. Players can train Prayer here.
  • Abandoned mine - Located south of Mort Myre. This is where the Haunted Mine quest takes place. After the quest players can get salve amulets here.
  • Burgh de Rott is the last free human settlement in Morytania. The town is in ruins, is under constant threat of Vampyre occupation, and is running out of food fast. However, players who help the citizens during the In Aid of the Myreque quest can rebuild and open a bank and furnace here.
  • Barrows Town, or the abandoned town, is the unofficial name of the empty town next to where the Barrows Brothers are buried. Players can enter only one building here, but can play the Barrows activity to the south of the settlement.


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