PlayerMod A Player Moderater is a regular player who has been promoted to have a silver crown next to their name in-game.

Player moderators are able to mute players in-game and help enforce the rules, they also help the Project RS06  community administrators they take some of the work load off of them. Player moderators play the game like any other player, except they have in-game powers rights to use their powers on rule breaking players when necessary.

In order for a player to become a Player Moderator PlayerMod or a Forum Moderator Forum moderator crown  they must:

  • Be kind to other players/members, etc.
  • Help look out for Bugs ingame and around the site.
  • Refrain from using innapropriate language. Remember, Children play this game as well.
  • Report bad threads and naughty players to a moderator or administrator.

It's worth remembering that these above guidelines does not guarantee you a moderator status by any means. Following the guidelines increases your chances of been chosen in the near future.

PlayerMod List of current Player Moderators Edit

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