Player guides are made by players for helpful hints to get somewhere in ProjectRS06 such as making money to buy your first rune item or to complete a series of actions to make it easier to survive your first steps in the game.

You can make a guide in a separate page by clicking "make a new page" on the top right hand corner. Once you are done add it to the category of player guides and add a link back to it on this page, under the right section.

If you have made a player-made guide on the ProjectRS06 forums and if they are very good I will add them to this list bellow.

Below is a list of player-made guides.

Getting started guidesEdit

Skill guidesEdit

Money making guidesEdit

These methods may or may not make you any money.

Quest guidesEdit

Monster killing guidesEdit

Pure/skiller guidesEdit

Shop guidesEdit


Useful linksEdit

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