Release Date June 23, 2012
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PrayerIcon Prayer is a skill that allows players to use invisible spells which generate advantages in certain activities, especially combat. The ability to do so is achieved through "evoking the power of certain gods of  ProjectRS06." All players start with limited access to the prayer skill. As one's prayer level increases, they gain access to new prayers. As players traverse the land and complete many adventures, they find themselves presented with the opportunity to gain the prayers and blessings of various gods, such as Saradomin, the god of order.

Prayer Level Up Sound.
Prayer Level Up

Training PrayerEdit

The main way to train prayer is to bury Bones. Bones can be obtained by killing various creatures, by taking bone drops that other players leave behind, or by collecting the bones that spawn in various places, such as in parts of the Edgeville Dungeon or at the Chaos Temple in the southern Wilderness.

Prayer is a difficult skill to train for many players. To get the best xp per bone, take the bones to the Ectofuntus and pray there, which grants you up to four times the experience. Note that this requires the Priest in Peril quest to be completed.


Below is all of the types of bones that are found and the experience gained from each when buried.

Picture Name Bury xp (1.5x XP) Ectofuntus (x4) (1.5x XP)
Bones Bones 6.75 27
Wolf bones Wolf Bones 6.75 27
Monkey bones Monkey Bones 7.5 30
Monkey bones (Zombie) Money Bones (Zombie) 7.5 30
Bat bones Bat Bones 7.95 31.8
Big bones Big Bones 22.5 90
Jogre bones Jogre Bones 22.5 90
Zogre bones Zogre Bones 37.5 150
Shaikahan bones Shaikahan Bones 37.5 150
Babydragon bones Baby Dragon Bones 45 180
Wyvern bones Wyvern Bones 75 300
Dragon bones Dragon Bones 108 432
Fayrg bones Fayrg Bones 126 504
Raurg bones Raug Bones 144 576
Dagannoth bones Dagannoth Bones 187.5 750
Ourg bones Ourg Bones 210 840

Quests that give ExperienceEdit


Level Picture Name Prayer Effect Notes
1 Thickskin Thick Skin Increases your defense by 5% None.
4 Burstofstrength Burst of Strength Increases your strength by 5% None.
7 Clarityofthought Clarity of Thought Increases your attack by 5% None.
10 Rockskin Rock Skin Increases your defense by 10% None.
13 Superhumanstrength Superhuman Strength Increases your strength by 10% None.
16 Improvedreflexes Improved Reflexes Increases your attack by 10% None.
19 Rapidrestore Rapid Restore 2x restore rate for all stats Restores all stats excluding hitpoints and prayer.
22 Rapidheal Rapid Heal 2x restore rate for Hitpoints None.
25 Protectitem Protect Item Keep 1 extra item if you die This prayer won't protect clue scrolls.
28 Steelskin Steel Skin Increases your defense by 15% None.
31 Ultimatestrength Ultimate Strength Increases your strength by 15% None.
34 Incrediblereflexes Incredible Reflexes Increases your attack by 15% None.
37 Protectmagic Protection From Magic Protects you from magical attacks None.
40 Protectrange Protect From Missiles Protects you from range attacks None.
43 Protectmelee Protection From Melee Protects you from melee attacks None.
46 Retribution Retribution Inflicts damage to nearby targets if you die None.
49 Redemption Redemption Heals you if your health falls below 10% None.
52 Smite Smite 1/4 of damage dealt is also removed from opponent's Prayer None.

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