"The occasional strange event happening near you"

Randoms events occur at random. Events can vary from an evil chicken attacking you to a sandwich lady asking you to pick a sandwich and all carry rewards. Random events are designed to stop botting and also to keep player's entertained while skilling or training combat, however many player's find them irritating.

For information on any random events and the rewards they give click on an article for the list below.

The Types of Random Events Edit



full article here Woodcutting.

  • Broken axe : When your axe head flies off the handle while chopping and to a nearby square.
  • Tree Ent: A tree turns into an ent and can break your axe head.
  • Tree spirit : A tree spirit spawns and attacks you.
  • Bird's nest: A next falls from a tree.


  • Pickaxe breaking: When your Pickaxe head flies off in a random direction.
  • Smoking rocks: If you mine these, then your Pickaxe will spark and will ignite the flammable gases causing an explosion and breaking your Pickaxe, you must go and see Nurmof to have it fixed for a small fee.
  • Rock Golem: A big bulky monster that can randomly spawn while Mining and attack you.



  • Big fish: A fish comes up from a spot and steals your equipment and spits it out nearby.
  • River troll: A spawning monster that attacks you.
  • Whirlpools: A fishing spot becomes a whirl poll that can steal you equipment.


  • Jailer: You are teleported to a cell in Seers' village, Varrock or Yanille where you need to solve a Puzzle to escape.
  • Watchman: A Watchman can appear while Thieving and will Attack you, his Combat Level varies depending on your own.

Monster spawnsEdit

  • Swarm: A swarm follows you and if you get out of range it will hover away from you.
  • Poison cloud: A cloud poisons you.
  • Zombie: A zombie attacks you.
  • Shade: A shade follows and does damage to you.


Some npc's listed bellow can turn into monsters if you ignore them, or teleport you to a random place.


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