All of the discontinued rares

Rares are discontinued items which were once attainable in the game through special events. After their respective events, these items tend to increase in value over time as there is no way for new ones to be added to the game. Most rares, with the exception of the Disk of Returning and the Half Jug of Wine, will be obtained from holiday events as a reward.

Partyhats Edit

Partyhats were dropped in ProjectRS06 as they were in RuneScape, with no changes made apart from the fact that they will be dropped at the first Christmas of ProjectRS06.  Partyhats are considered some of the highest priced rares in the game and owning one is very rare.

Partyhats come from Christmas cracker Christmas Crackers that were dropped all around Varrock at its time of release. When using a Christmas Cracker on another player, the cracker is pulled and both players have a 50% chance on recieving a partyhat, plus a random item. Only one player will recieve a partyhat and another the random item. Partyhats are available in six unique colours. 

Halloween MasksEdit

Halloween Masks (H'ween Masks) will be released during one of the Halloween events. The H'ween mask was a reward for completing the Halloween event. They come in three fashionable colours (colors). (Not dropped on ProjectRS06 yet).

Santa HatEdit

Santa hat Santa Hat will be released during one of the Christmas event and is worn on the head of a player. Ho ho ho! (Not dropped on ProjectRS06 yet)


Pumpkin Pumpkin will be released during one of the Halloween event, and heals 14 HP when eaten, when wanting to trade this item it is recommended it be noted as "decliners", players who decline trades, trick the seller into eating the Pumpkin. The player must also be careful around Ghasts as they will rot the Pumpkin without warning.(Not dropped on ProjectRS06 yet)

Easter EggEdit

 Easter egg1 Easter Eggs are an edible item similar to the Pumpkin, when consumed it will heal 12 HP, similar to the Pumpkin.


Scythe The scythe will be released during one of the Halloween events. It is used as a two-handed weapon. This means it takes up the weapon slot as well as the shield slot. A player will not be able to equip an item that goes into the shield slot while this weapon is equipped. (Not dropped on ProjectRS06 yet)