Fishing cage

A player uses a Lobster pot to catch Lobsters.

Raw lobster

Quest Item








High Alch

160 coins

Low Alch

107 coins


I should try cooking this.


0.3 kg

A Raw lobster is a fish that can be caught by players at any fishing spot with the "Cage fishing spot" option if they have level 40 Fishing and a Lobster pot in their inventory, granting 90 Fishing experience per catch. Fishing lobsters is one of the most popular ways to train Fishing, as they bring in an adequate amount of income and experience.

Lobsters are often cooked for experience, as they are very high in supply and are easy to obtain with little money due to the fact they're relatively inexpensive. They may be cooked with cooking level 40, granting 120 experience. Players have a chance to burn them until cooking level 74, or 68 with Cooking gauntlets.

Besides fishing, players may also obtain raw lobsters by either stealing from the fish stalls in Rellekka, requiring 42 Thieving, or by killing various monsters throughout Project RS06.

Fishing LocationsEdit

There are 6 locations to catch Raw lobsters in Project RS06:

Dropping MonstersEdit


Raw lobsters are popular among lower and middle leveled players because of their low fishing requirement and their high demand to pkers (more so when cooked into Lobsters) and cookers alike. This high demand creates a premium for lobsters, uncooked ones selling anywhere between 250 and 350 coins and cooked ones selling in the range of 350-450 coins each on the street.

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