Raw trout

Quest Item








High Alch

12 coins

Low Alch

8 coins

Store Price

7 coins


I should try cooking this.


0.4 kg

Raw trout are fish caught using a Fly fishing rod and Feathers at level 20 Fishing, giving 50 experience per catch. It can also be cooked at level 15 Cooking into Trout, yielding 70 experience. Players will stop burning trout at around level 50 Cooking.

Raw trout can be fished at any Lure/Bait fishing spots throughout 2006Scape. If a player has 30 Fishing they will also catch salmon while luring trout. The ratio of trout caught to salmon caught is about 3:2.

Fishing trout/salmon to 99 Fishing is very common because of the quick speed one catches these fish at higher Fishing levels. Trout and salmon are also commonly used to train Cooking quickly at lower levels. These fish can be quite valuable to newer players as an easy money making method as well as a quick training method for Cooking and Fishing.

River trolls can sometimes drop Raw trout when killed.

Fishing LocationsEdit

Trout can be fished in 12 locations:

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