Recipe for Disaster is a Master Quest. It is split into 10 different sub-quests, ranging from a simple delivery quest for the Lumbridge Cook to an epic boss battle with the evil Culinomancer. The whole Quest proper is very long and hard, and will require completing the majority of the most challenging Quests an adventurer can do as well as 176 Quest Points and a plethora of skill requirements, along with quite a few challenging enemies and bosses to defeat.

Completing each section of the Quest unlocks new equipment for purchase in the Culinomancer's Chest, up to the mighty Barrows Gloves widely considered to be the best gloves in the game for all combat styles.

Technically, the only requirement needed to start the quest is Cook's Assistant, ironically considered to be one of the easiest Quests in RuneScape, but each new section requires doing more Quests, having more skill requirements and more Quest Points.

The Quest is started by the Lumbridge Cook in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle.

Speak to him and he will tell you that he is preparing a banquet for Duke Horacio. He'll say that it's a magnificient event held every 10 years ever since the time of his ancestor Franizzard Van Lumbcook, and that today is the tenth banquet. He'll tell you he needs an eye of newt, a Greenman's Ale, a Rotten Tomato, some Ashes and a Fruit Blast(a premade one will NOT work).Edit

You can buy the Eye of Newt at Betty's Shop in Port Sarim, the Greenman's Ale can be brewed or bought in the Yanille Pub, Rotten Tomatoes can be bought at the Duel Arena and ashes can be gained by burning logs or killing a demon or an imp.To make a Fruit Blast you'll a need 2 lemons, a pineapple and an orange(get two for the next Subquest) along with a cocktail shaker and a cocktail glass. You can get those items at the Tree Gnome village. You'll need 10 Cooking for this, and to create it put a pineapple an orange and a lemon into the shaker, pour the mix into the glass, slice a lemon and use the slices on the glass.

Now, add the Ashes to the drink to make a Dirty Blast.

Hand the items in and you'll finish the Subquest.

Here is a picture of one of the major and most sought after rewards from this quest, Barrows gloves. Ss (2012-10-29 at 09.29.14)

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