Restless Ghost
Release Date Projectrs06 None
Quest Series None
Difficulty Novice
Length Short


Start Point: Father Aereck who is located in the church of Lumbridge.
Requirements: None
Items Required: None, although a weapon and some food would be helpful.
Enemies to defeat: Skeleton(level 13)

Starting outEdit

Tak to Father Aereck and he will tell you he has a quest for you. He wants you to get rid of a ghost in the chruch graveyard. He tells you of a friend of his that might be able to help, who lives as a hermit in the Lumbridge swamp.

The hermitEdit


The location of Father Urhney's shack (the hermit).

There are two ways to get to the hermit's house: through the Agility shortcut in the church graveyard's fence, or by walking around the castle and through the forest. Once you have found the hermit, he will refuse to talk to you until you mention Aereck's name. He sounds rather annoyed that you have tried to disrupt his two years of solitude, but he gives you an Ghostspeak Amulet for your troubles. He explains that the ghost is probably there because it has unfinished business and suggests you go talk to it.

The ghostEdit

Go north out of the swamp and enter an empty shed, south of the church, where you will find a coffin. Ensure you have the Amulet of Ghostspeak on, and open the coffin. A ghost will appear.

Talk to the ghost. He seems sad, however surprised that you can understand him. After a bit of conversation, you find out that he was killed by a warlock that lives in the Wizard's Tower. The ghost is restless is because his corpse is without a skull.

Retrieving the skullEdit

Go to the Wizard's Tower, which is south of Draynor Village. Go down to the basement and search all the rooms until you find the skull. When you find it, a skeleton(level 13) will appear and attack you. Kill it and take the skull back to the ghost.

Use the skull on the coffin and the ghost will thank you and give you a reward!06Aug15-15-4


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